Winter Melon at Haig Walk

This stretch of path a.k.a Haig Walk is my favorite place to walk and enjoy the flora, fauna, vegetation or the kitchen garden concept which the residents living near has developed. I really love the spirit out here to love or know the value of a tini tiny bit of land in this land scarce lion city. Everywhere , everyone I get this feeling that the first generation or the Pioneers of Singapore are the ones loving to garden, plant at least something in their yard ( if available ) or in the kerb side  of their landed property. For me that’s quite an inspiration. I love to plant something , even though we have limited space , I at least try to plant something on a pot , the only criteria that’s being I haven’t been interested on flowers, I have been focusing on the herbs. To the point of this Haig Walk , this stretch may not be an entry on the brochure of Singapore’s Hot and Must See destinations , but if you are passionate about gardening , I would suggest do keep at visit at this place. I have got at least a ton of images I took yesterday , haven’t been able to catch up with time . I will be updating a full set of photos in a day or two.

Winter Melon at Haig Walk - Singapore

Winter Melon at Haig Walk – Singapore


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